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You can also find us in the following places:

Twitter: @AHPKC
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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I guess I’m new to podcasts, but I’ll be damned if I can find the download button on your site. I was really looking forward to taking your show on the road with me. You guys rock.

    • We’re in the iTunes store under AHPKC if you want to download (FREE) that way. Might be able to tweak the posts and offer a download option, but it’ll take some time to nose around and see if that’s possible. Thanks for listening!

  2. Alex will have a great season this year, and my view is he will have tools that he didn’t have last season. His career was one of those NFL Experiences. Like Brees. Heck. Like Len Dawson(HoF). And it is nonsense that he can’t throw deep. He won’t risk the ball with the crew he has had. For me? He had proved his value in Frisco and as far as I am concerned, I prefer him in KC. Stand up guy, cool under fire, doesn’t make mistakes, can use his feet successfully but it is not going to get careered out by careening around either. Alex is a leader the players follow. That will get a long way towards the ultimate goal of winning a superbowl. This is my view of situation which I believe will play out this year. I don’t want a lot of noise about KC this season. Tough Schedule. The Chiefs on the Qt WILL BE A SURPRISE IN 2014 and they will finish 10-6, or 11-5. They won’t string 9 in a row, but they won’t take double losses like last year either. – David Bell, Avery, ID

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