AHPKC Fantasy League

fanduelSo here’s the scoop: this season we decided to try out FanDuel’s one-week fantasy football leagues. Its a pretty cool concept – basically, we all throw money into a pot each week and then it gets passed out to the winner (or top three or top five or whatever we choose). People will come and go and the stakes will change week-to-week.

The setup is pretty sweet: you have a salary cap but every team has access to every player in the NFL. That means we can all have Jamaal Charles… which might actually happen a couple times, knowing this crowd. The key is playing the matchups each week, which seems to level the playing field instead of placing so much importance on the draft to start the year.

This should be a really cool way for us to interact with all of you. Plus – and get this – every time a new account that uses promo code AHPKC registers on FanDuel, they send us a check. Its the easiest way to support Amateur Hour but you can still win money while you’re doing it. You’re welcome.

Just follow the link below, register for an account using promo code AHPKC and get rolling. Already have an account? No problem. Still follow the link and hop in the league with us!

Think you’re better than Ryan and/or Dirkness at fantasy football? PROVE IT, SUCKA.


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