Video Breakdown: “Elway Hates Loud Noises” – Chiefs/Broncos, 1990

So I’ve been absent from my dearly beloved Chiefs for over a week now and that’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!

I’m not really a game preview kinda guy though, and after thinking we could all use something fun and light hearted this week given the tragic Eric Berry news (which I fully expect the Chiefs to rally around in the upcoming game and the rest of the season), I decided a video breakdown was in order!

You may have seen this video making the rounds this week, and probably thought it was pretty cool. Well, it was more than that for me. I couldn’t look away from it. It’s glorious. Simply put, it is my everything.


Chiefs vs. Broncos, 1990 – “Elway hates loud noises”


0:01 – Those Chiefs end zone are fantastic. The full red needs to return in a baaaad way. Did NFL teams go away from this as a whole? Was this a cost cutting move or more of a stylistic choice?

0:07 – All those neon green Chiefs hats that are probably actually yellow! Fantastic. Or is that actually just a group of rowdy ladies from Kansas City showing their unity by wearing matching hats?

0:09 – What is that lady on the left holding? Bah gawd, that’s a clarinet. How’d she get that into the game? Did she bring it for noise purposes or just because she can’t bare to part with it for 4 hours?

0:11 – Coon skin hat! No explanation needed, young man. You’re a true pioneer.

0:20 – Have TV stations changed the broadcast audio in some way since then? That crowd sounds louder than any crowd you’d hear today. Like WAYYYYY louder.

0:24 – Bill Maas just Hungry Hungry Poe’d his man.

0:29 – My favorite part of this video. The CHIEFS CHIEFS CHIEFS CHIEFS chant! Oh my god, why don’t we do this anymore? It’s intimidating as fuck. There’s a 790% chance I’ll be the drunk guy trying to get this started on over and over on Sunday.

0:40 – NFL teams seem less prepared to deal with crowd noise back then.

0:41 – The best penalty in football. The false start from the 1 yard line (Chiefs had back to back earlier this season). The ball moves inches. Inches that won’t even matter after the center picks up the ball and repositions it, readying the snap.

0:45 – It comes back and the crowd is even louder.

0:54 – It reaches a point of loudness, where Elway simply backs away from center. He does this even before the ref intervenes (or so it seems). This would be laughed at in today’s NFL. Very strange.

PAUSE – A quick history on the NFL’s crowd noise penalty:

  • It was established in 1989 and later retracted in 2012. Coincidentally, the Chiefs v. Seahawks noise record challenge began the next season. Hmmm.
  • The penalty is a timeout charged to the home team
  • The rules were strict enough that teams couldn’t display certain specific phrases on their video boards: Noise. Lets hear it. Raise the roof. Lets go crazy. Pump it up. And 12th man. All were prohibited according to this mini-podcast.
  • The QB could simply tell the ref the home crowd was being “disruptive.” That’s it. That’s all it took, apparently. Which makes sense after you see this video.
  • Sidenote: I learned during my research that NFL teams today can play noise/music up until 20 seconds remain on the play clock. Before the NFL’s policy change in 2012, it was up until 30 seconds remained on the play clock.

1:02 – Ah, yeah. Double barrels on national television.

1:09 – Elway completely stops again. Just looks at the ref with his hands on his hips. Total mom look.

1:11 – Oh, not just a clan of rowdy ladies! Mystery solved. That means these hats were a giveaway of some kind because everybody has one. I wonder where they all are now.

1:14 – It reaches a point where Chiefs MLB Percy Snow is actually waving his arms trying to quiet his home crowd down. Never seen that before.

1:23 – Elway steps away again! Like a batter in baseball asking the umpire for a timeout. The absolute pinnacle of fandom. I’d feel so much pride as a fan in attendance if the QB just threw up his arms in frustration, essentially giving up. I’d be just like double barrels guy.

1:45 – “[inaudbile] the defense to help lower the crowd noise. Any further crowd noise problem will result in a charged timeout against Kansas City. Thank you for your cooperation.”

1:57 – Booooooooooooo!

I would love more than anything to go back in time and attend this very game, but since I’m not Matthew McConnaughey, it might be tough. Instead, I will do everything in my power to recreate this exact scene on Sunday night.

If you’re attending the game alongside me, just cheer your fucking ass off. Get drunk and wild and yell and scream. Encourage your section to get louder. Bang the seat in front of you. Play that clarinet!

Remember, you as a fan, actually have a chance to affect the outcome of the game! It’s one of life’s greatest treasures. Impose your will on the team. Do it for the Chiefs. Do it for Eric Berry.


His Dirkness

One thought on “Video Breakdown: “Elway Hates Loud Noises” – Chiefs/Broncos, 1990

  1. Can’t believe that was actually a penalty. Very cool. Do you happen to know what happens when a team is out of timeouts and that happens? If not bad, my thought is just drain all the timeouts early in the 2nd half and keep being so loud that they can’t do anything the rest of the game. Who needs timeouts when Elway is that flustered?

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