Episode 105: The Royals are in the World Series (!!!) w/ Sam Mellinger

mlb_u_royals_kh_300x300We don’t normally do baseball here on AHPKC, but when we do, we get our good friend Sam Mellinger to join us (because unlike us, he actually knows what he’s talking about).

But holy shit! The Kansas City Royals made the freakin’ World Series!!! So naturally, we had to talk about them. How is this happening? What has been the most memorable play of this magical run thus far? Are they gonna win it all? What would mean more to this city – a Royals World Series or a Chiefs Super Bowl? Does Terrence Gore have the best job in the world?

All this, AND MORE, with our well-coiffed friend, Sam Mellinger.

One thought on “Episode 105: The Royals are in the World Series (!!!) w/ Sam Mellinger

  1. Wohoo! Glad you guys did a Royals hour and Sam Mellinger is great too. Also it’s an honor to be the biggest Royals fan you know Nic. That puts a lot of pressure on me for this post; gotta have some new nuggets of info I guess.

    I’ll start with the wild card game. I was fortunate enough to be at the wild card game for only $70 for standing room only, which at the time seemed like a lot, but now is looking like a steal. In terms of best sporting event I’ve ever been to, it comes really close with the 2008 KU Men’s BBall National Championship. They both got to points in the game where the outcome was just as decided and yet the good guys pulled it off both times. KU edges on the game’s importance because it was for a National Championship and while the Royals moving on was huge, I think a lot of people were just happy they made the playoffs this year. I do absolutely give the edge of the atmosphere to the Kansas City game. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been the same if it were the Cardinals or Yankees, but since it was Oakland, the entire stadium was just blue and every person you saw was your friend. Definitely the coolest and wildest I’ve ever seen the K. The way that stadium went nuts after ever single big hit in the 8th, 9th, and 11th, reminded me of Dante Hall running back a punt in 2003 home game against Denver, with people jumping every which way and falling over each other just to high five/hug random strangers. Never thought a baseball atmosphere could resemble the Chiefs atmosphere.

    You guys also asked Sam about the best moment so far in this run. Obviously there are so many huge walkoff hits/homeruns and Top 10 outfield catches that got us here, but for me, it was when Dyson stole 3rd in the 9th inning of the wild card game. We were still down by 1, with a fast-ass mofo on 2nd, you figure he’d be content letting one of the next two guys try to get a single to knock him in. Instead he decides he’s going to risk it all by stealing 3rd. While we could still rally if he gets tagged out, we’d be down to 1 out left and no one on base. Things would look a hell of a lot more bleak. And it’s not just the balls on Dyson to take that base, but how he started his slide from like 15 feet away and still almost slid over the bag. It was all that and the little dance he did after showed the mentality of the team- the swagger that said, “have a fun offseason Oakland, cuz we’re playing some more baseball after this one.”

    Thought you summed it up perfect with the Andy Reid comparison to Ned Yost actually. Ned does make some weird pitching moves sometimes, and I kind of wish he’d just appoint someone else on his staff to be in charge of that part, kind of like I wish Andy would let someone else manage the clock. But the fact is that he has stuck with a lot of his guys when the media and a lot of fans have crapped all over them, and it is paying off now. Moustakas is the prime example, but going back to last year, a lot of people were ready to never seen Herrera again when he was giving up a bunch of homeruns and wanted Holland moved out of the closer role when he blew a couple saves early. Yosts’ patience is definitely paying off now with them.

    Unfortunately, I’m writing this after Game 1, so a Royals sweep is out of the question, but I still think we’re going to win this series. Facing Bumgarner 3 times is going to be tough, but I think we’ll at least get to him 1 time and I think we’ve got advantages in the other starter matchups. Hopefully tickets will get more reasonable, but it’s not like the Royals are pricing us common people out of it. It’s supply and demand and there’s a whole older generation of fans that love the Royals that have been waiting for this.

    I’ll finish by saying that I think a Royals World Series win would be bigger to me and sure, I’ll go with the city too. It’s just been so long since the Royals have even been decent and for them to bust onto the stage in the way they did in the wild card game has got not only the whole city backing them, but a lot of the country as well. They seem to be that lovable underdog right now and it really has the whole city rallying behind them. From seeing 70 year old guys high-fiving teenagers at the game to the KCPD that put out a tweet thanking the city for the low number of calls during the game, this has been something bigger than just baseball.

    Here’s to hoping ticket prices go down a little. I’m aiming for Game 6.

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