Ranking the Chiefs 2014 Schedule by Winnability

This is an exercise I like to do every year before the season starts. Ranking the Kansas City Chiefs’ 16 game schedule in order of winnability. As in, I believe the Chiefs have the best chance to win the first game on this list, and the worst chance of winning the last game on this list. Got it?

First, a broad overview of how I see the 2014 schedule breaking down:

  • 5 really difficult games. Should come away with 1, hope for 2, golden with 3.

  • 7 games you should win if you’re a good team. Gotta win at least 5.
  • 4 toss up games. The critical difference between 6-10 and 10-6.

Additionally, here’s a normal Chiefs schedule, so you can view things chronologically before I throw your equilibrium all out of whack.

Ready? 3….2…..1: LIST OFF:

1. Week 15 vs. Raiders – I’m uneasy touting a rivalry game as the easiest on the schedule, but alas, here we are.

2. Week 1 vs. Titans – The Chiefs’ season opener is now much tougher after losing both Dwayne Bowe (team’s best WR) and Donald Stephenson (team’s best OL) to suspensions. But, I’m lower on Tennessee than the average bear.

3. Week 12 (Thursday night) at Raiders – You’ve gotta think KC beats Oakland twice if they are to make any kind of playoff push this season.

4. Week 9 vs. Jets – The Chiefs see a lot of tough front seven’s in their easier matchups (as in, this game and the next three on this list), which could really push KC’s offense to produce outside of Jamaarles.

5. Week 10 at Bills – Good luck predicting what’s gonna happen when KC plays Buffalo. Winning a game without scoring an offensive TD (2013). Getting spanked 41-7 in your home opener (2011). Winning a game despite being outgained by 260 yards (also, 2013). Getting 54 hung on us at home by Trent Freakin’ Edwards (2008). It sure feels like when KC beats Buffalo, they’re good. And when they lose to Buffalo, they’re bad. They’re the official Chiefs barometer.

6. Week 14 at Cardinals – The Chiefs’ second highest winning % over any NFL team is the Arizona Cardinals. The highest? The Washington Red Skinned Potato Heads.

7. Week 8 vs. Rams – The first of three very winnable games (STL, NYJ, @Buff), following the Chiefs’ exhaustive opening six game stretch. Shaun Hill’s the guy now, but I’ve always liked him (and Bradford wasn’t any good). Tough matchup vs. the best DL in the league.

8. Week 17 vs. Chargers – Perhaps, the Chiefs could earn a playoff spot by beating the Chargers backups due to a missed field goal and an uncalled fumble on a fake punt IN OVERTIME and win the NFL Playoff lottery by drawing Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round. Is that something you might be interested in?

9. Week 3 at Dolphins – A must win, alongside the Tennessee game, in a brutal six game stretch to open the year. Otherwise, the season could be over before November.

10. Week 16 at Steelers – The Todd Haley Bowl

11. Week 7 at Chargers – Andy Reid Coming Off a Bye Week Alert! Or….is that no longer a thing?

12. Week 4 (Monday night) vs. Patriots – Monday Nights at Arrowhead are always special. I will be in attendance at this game holding up this sign. And yes, I accept your invite.

13. Week 11 vs. Seahawks – Chiefs history vs. defending Super Bowl Champions: 2011, defeated the 13-0 Packers in a victory that did more harm than good (led to Romeo Crennel’s reign of terror). Took out the Steelers in a game where Andy Studebaker snatched 2 INT’s and Chris Chambers had 119 yards receiving in 2009. Their last loss came in 2007, to the Colts, on a last second field goal in Crodie Broyle’s first career start (Not sure if that counts…). Picked off Brady 4 times in 2005. Lost to the Patriots in 2002 (Priest 30-180, Brady 410-4, Troy Brown 16!-176). Put 54 on the Rams in 2000. All in all, the Chiefs have fared pretty well against defending champs.

14. Week 13 (Sunday night, flexible) vs. Broncos – The top (regular season) team heading into 2014 is a bad matchup for KC, to boot. Great WR’s + Lousy CB’s * Wretched OL – Scary pass rush = EXACTLY why the Chiefs will beat the Broncos this year. Also, I teach math classes to children on the side if you’re interested.

15. Week 5 at 49ers – Alex Smith’s return to San Francisco. What a colossal game for him in this contract year (looking more and more like that drags into next offseason, which is absolutely the correct decision). Actually drawing the 49ers at a favorable time, who will most likely be without the services of Aldon Smith and Navorro Bowman for the first half of the season.

16. Week 2 at Broncos – KC’s division hopes rest on this game. Actually, getting Denver at a good time as well, following their Sunday Night opener, with a trip to Seattle looming after. Mmmm, Sammich Game!

That’s it, that’s the list! Think I’m a dummy? Tell me why on Twitter.

And remember, it’s always better to be list off, then to be list on.

I’m His Dirkness

One thought on “Ranking the Chiefs 2014 Schedule by Winnability

  1. I’m staunch in m y support the Chiefs.I see an 11-5 record & good enough for a division title ,as the AFC West will beat each other to death.

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