Episode 73: Nick at Night – Chiefs Season Finale

Hard to talk about and even harder to explain… We did our best to pick up the pieces after a devastating 45-44 playoff loss to the Colts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 73: Nick at Night – Chiefs Season Finale

  1. Why is it no one is talking about the pass interference (PI) no calls in the Chiefs/Colts playoff
    game Saturday? How come the rule for PI was changed for the playoffs? Let them play, Yes, but be consistent. Clear example is the pass to Bowe. A clear deciding play of the game. Bowe catches the ball, one step in the second out. What I saw was Bowe being pushed before he had the ball and the defensive back doing the pushing not looking for the ball. This was clear pass interference during regulas season. There was no flag. Why not?

    • Great point Rich, I agree what you saw happen, happened. And refs could not call it, why?

      Your question is valid, when you ask, :”Why not?”

      It caused him to step out of bounds, and the announcers even commented on the defenders contact prevented the Bowe from making a clean catch in bounds. The Chiefs would have at least put the game in O.T.

      You are correct, it should have been called, it was a huge no call.

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