Episode 69: Raiders Postgame

LIVE from the Phoggy Dog in Lawrence, we recap a great Sunday of football as the Chiefs trashed Oakland 56-31. We spoke with Joel Thorman, the legendary figure behind Arrowhead Pride. Key topics included how many escalades Jamaal earned and why the defense allowed 31 points. What’s better – 10 sacks or 7 forced turnovers?…

Episode 68: Raiders Pregame

LIVE from the Phoggy Dog in Lawrence! We talked to Chris Hansen – the lead AFC West writer for Bleacher Report – about the Raiders past, present and future, Mark Davis’ haircut and (as a Raiders fan) which AFC West opponent he hates the most.

Episode 67: Around the NFL – Week 15

Recap all the craziness of Week 14’s noon games. Dirk hates Pass Interference but loves Canadian head coaches. Who’s the worst head coach in the NFL? Who can challenge the Seahawks and Broncos on the way to the Super Bowl? Why won’t coaches think outside the box when it’s the only way to win a…

Episode 65: Catching Up with Kent Babb

A good man (and thorough) – Former KC Star Columnist and current Sports Enterprise writer for the Washington Post, Kent Babb joins us to talk about the Kent Babb Curse, SEC football, the NCAA Title Game, Chiefs perspective, Redskins storylines and what to do with yourself now that Breaking Bad is over… and who is the “active” Heavyweight Champion of Television Shows?