2 thoughts on “Episode 52: Texans Postgame

  1. What a great game. I loved the fact that we finally won a somewhat ugly one. As you guys said, the Texans surprised us some with their offense and we lost the turnover battle, yet we still came out with the win. I know the Texans haven’t been playing great, but considering they still have a good defense and Keenum really was playing great (didn’t give up a pick 6), and things weren’t going our way at first but the team adjusted, I think this win means so much more than any other one so far.

    As far as defense wins championships, I think that great defenses rarely win championships on their own; your ’85 Bears and ’02 Buccs are few and far between. I do think that defense wins championships in that majority of superbowl winners have a balanced team (good defense and good offense). I feel like in the last 10 years, there is usually a clear favorite (Broncos, Green Bay, New England, Indianapolis) due to how prolific they are offensively, yet that clear favorite has barely ever won. Here is the list of the last 13 years (I went back 13 years because that Rams team that won in January of 2000 ruins my point):

    2013- Ravens
    2012- Giants
    2011- Packers
    2010- Saints
    2009- Steelers
    2008- Giants
    2007- Colts
    2006- Steelers
    2005- Patriots
    2004- Patriots
    2003- Buccs
    2002- Patriots
    2001- Ravens

    I’m sure you guys remember that the Packers won when they were a 5 seed and Aaron Rodgers had a 28 TD season, not his 45 TD season. Peyton too won during a 31 TD season, not his 49 TD season. Brady won all those years the Patriots were known for their defense, not the year they were setting offensive records and going 16-0. Drew Brees won when in a year that he passed for 34 TDs, not the one that he passed for 46 and broke the passing yardage record.

    But HisDirkness summed it up best. Great QBs win championships, not great defenses. All those regular seasons might not have been highlighted by their offense, but all those QBs I mentioned had pretty spectacular playoff runs when they won. So I think it’s more about having a good defense and the offense getting hot at the right time like all those teams did.

    I know he’s no Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or Aaron Rodgers, but if Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Brad Johnson, and Trent Dilfer can all win one, maybe Alex can too.

    What a great Qwang call. You guys should have a weekly segment “Trivia with Qwang”. Obviously I wouldn’t expect him to ever give away another prize since this one was so above and beyond, but I do like me some Qwang trivia.

    Thoughts on Knile Davis: why not just make him hold the ball the way they started making Tiki Barber hold it- high and tight? Although I do agree with HisDirkness for the most part. If that doesn’t instantly help him, kick him to the curb.

    Lastly, I’ll be at the Browns game this weekend too. I’ll try to find you guys at the tailgate if we’re on the same side at all.

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