Episode 44: Nick at Night – Breaking Bad Special

Discussing the final episode, our favorite moments from the series, its standing in all-time rankings and a few (minor) complaints

One thought on “Episode 44: Nick at Night – Breaking Bad Special

  1. In the episode that sends off Saul, he’s getting a license made from the Vacuum Cleaner Guy (that’s his actual name) for Omaha Nebraska. I don’t think this is going to be a prequel. It was a trash bag that Walt put the drugs into during the episode PRECEDING Jane’s death, not a pillow case. And in the episode that Jane dies, she’s awoken because of Walt beating Jesse to get information out of him & he’s so doped up it’s only coming in small intervals – thus, jarring her from her slump & causing her to aspirate. Six Feet Under is spectacular in the way the Sopranos was great. Breaking Bad is the best show that’s ever been on television – and I, too, have only watched each episode once. But I’m positive that those “key points” made are skewed. Also, this was first time listening to your podcast. I loved it. Thanks.

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